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Recent Projects

Ryan Sievers

The Garden City Historical Society is thrilled to announce the award of the

Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation to Garden City High School Senior,

Ryan Sievers!


The Garden City Historical Society selected Ryan Sievers as a candidate for this prestigious award, as they were all impressed with how hard working, intelligent, passionate, and personable she was over the last 2 years. Congratulations to Ryan Sievers on all her efforts and for being selected as our first winner!   

The Gardiner Grant is a $1,500 grant that is awarded to a Young Scholar (between the ages of 15-22), who has completed 100 hours of service. This past year the Garden City Historical Society was able to secure one and selected Ryan Sievers, a recent graduate of Garden City High School, and a Nassau County Girl Scout who is passionate about her community and its rich history. In 2022, she took this passion and helped educate others in the community about the importance of preserving the history of Garden City for future generations, which included interviewing The Garden City Historical Society’s President, Bill Garry.

Through this work, she was awarded the Girls Scout Gold Award. Continuing those efforts this year, Ryan played an important role in the ongoing effort to convert our collection of items (historical photos, articles, etc. of Garden City), for greater distribution to the Garden City community and beyond. This included scanning and converting over 900 items to “tiff” files, supplementing the 1362 files already in the digital collection. Ryan worked with both Brian Pinnola, Chair of the Collections Committee, and Bill Bellmer, our Village Historian to complete this tedious effort.


The Garden City Historical Society wishes to express their gratitude to the Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation for this marvelous opportunity to work with some of Garden City’s young adults on a much-needed project for our village!

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