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Our Position on St. Paul's Redevelopment

TGCHS advocates for responsible and affordable preservation of all Historic structures in GC. Garden City is unique among all Long Island communities in the number of original buildings that are registered on the National List of Historic Places.  It’s a major part of what makes Garden City different and adds substantially to the character and overall property values of the Village.  The Village should relentlessly strive to preserve our historic structures. The Village has lost too many valuable structures over the years due to collective indifference. 


As for St. Paul’s School, preserving the building is our top priority. Preserving as much as possible is important so that its iconic architectural integrity is saved

“When the redevelopment work is complete, and one drives pass the building in the future you will recognize it as the St. Paul’s School”


Maintaining the building’s listing on the National Registry of Historic Places is important. The US Dept of Interior has criteria for how to go about a repurposing of an historic site and maintaining its listing.  It’s important to TGCHS that these criteria be followed.  Maintaining this status does not imply substantial additional project cost nor does it limit the public or private uses for the building.


TGCHS does not ask that every square foot of the building be saved. TGCHS supports functionally optimizing the useful space within the building and thoughtfully expanding the building if needed without materially altering the exterior appearance from the street.


TGCHS criteria for supporting a proposed Plan.

A successful adaptive reuse project should yield a public asset – a place where every resident regardless of age has a reason to go to the St. Paul’s Campus regularly!


We believe that any Plan should have the documented support of all its intended users. Children, young families, educators, professionals, musicians and artists, athletic organizations, and senior citizens.  A gathering place for the entire Village!


Constituent Support 

Before a proposal goes to the public the constituent support needs to be evident.

For an Educational endeavor, those targeted to use the facility need to be clearly committed.

Same is true for other purposes – health & wellness, community center and sports facility, seniors’ activity center, meeting facilities for every Village organization.


Affordability modeling – Telling the public what they get for what they spend

Estimated spend to repurpose

Estimated spend to operate

Estimated Financings

Revenue models

Property Tax impact per resident – how much additional tax per year for how long

Analysis of Property values impact over time

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