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Museum Restoration

From 2003 - 2004, the lower level and first floor interiors of the museum were renovated and the second floor Archive Room was created, thanks to grants from New York State secured by State Senator Kemp Hannon.
In 2017, led by Page Ayres Cowley Architecture (PACA), a firm that specializes in historic preservation, and contractor Vinny Muldoon of Old-World Quality Corp., the Society also restored the cupola and copper roofing, and installed a historically accurate copper weathervane to adorn the top of the cupola -- Phase I of a four-phase plan to restore the Museum’s exterior.
In 2020, Society continued to make great progress with the generosity of Old-World Quality Corp. and the craftmanship of Traditional Window Restoration Inc.  with restoring the front and east facade of the exterior of the structure. 

The Garden City Historical Society (TGCHS) advocates for responsible and affordable preservation of all Historic structures in GC. Garden City is unique among all Long Island communities in the number of original buildings that are registered on the National List of Historic Places.  It’s a major part of what makes Garden City different and adds substantially to the character and overall property values of the Village.  The Village should relentlessly strive to preserve our historic structures. The Village has lost too many valuable structures over the years due to collective indifference.
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